Education Matrix Overview

An Education Matrix for Comprehensive Surgical Education

The Education Matrix provides a framework that illustrates at a glance where programs are addressing educational priorities across the CanMEDS spectrum.  The formal academic curriculum and clinical rotations can be used to address all CanMEDS roles.  However, individual rotations can serve as hubs for individual CanMEDS roles depending on their areas of expertise and case-mix.  Such CanMEDS hubs expand their formal goals and objectives, evaluations and educational content to advance expertise in their CanMEDS area of specialization.  Longitudinal programs such as the Surgical Residents as Teachers Program provide a more sustained and longitudinal exposure to CanMEDS roles as primer for life long committment to growth in these areas.  These educational initiatives must be accomplanied by evaluations that fit into a parallel assessment framework.  We believe that not all CanMEDS roles need formal teaching in all contexts, but rather surgical programs can tailor CanMEDS initiatives according to their individual strengths.  The main priority is to provide adequate educational matching across the CanMEDS spectrum.

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