Director’s Log

Welcome to the UBC General Surgery Residency Program website! The site is dedicated to the aspirations and efforts of UBC General Surgery’s residents. This group, with a diversity of experiences, expertise and passions, is united in its commitment to achieving excellence in the practice of surgery. The Residency Program has always been dedicated to supporting this commitment and continues to evolve to keep pace with the exciting educational opportunities that advances in general surgery present on an almost daily basis. The layout of the site mirrors the structure of the Program. We believe that every aspect of our Program (and of the website) including its interactive academic half days, assigned reading and access to web-based educational resources, curriculum-specific surgical simulation, and a broad spectrum of rotations with superb surgical mentors, facilitates the development of excellent young surgeons. We also recognize that the future advancement of all aspects of our field will depend on the creativity and individuality of our residents. The UBC General Surgery Residency Program will try to ensure that this creativity is allowed to develop and flourish, so that our graduates can take the lead in their areas of interest with confidence.

Key features of the website include:

– A home page with key headlines describing the accomplishments of our residents and important new developments
– A summary of important dates and deadlines
– A Director’s Log for the communication of new policies
– Contact information for program directors and administrative personnel
– Biographical and contact information for our service chiefs
– A Residents’ Log for communication of key events and rotation-specific information
– Royal College and rotation-specific goals and objectives – Rotation schedule
– An overview of the Academic Half Days and a master schedule of all key educational events for the academic year
– Links to educational materials for Academic Half Days and Journal Clubs

Although the website is already excellent, it is still very much a work in progress. We will rely on our residents and faculty for content and suggestions for improvement. Please surf and let us know what you think.

To the residents: thanks for making the program so awesome in every respect.