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Residency Survival Guide

The Canadian Association of Surgeons Residents Committee has published a useful handbook for Surgical Residents, and it’s now available on our website. The Residents Committee is comprised of seventeen residents from across Canada, who each had a hand in helping create the Residency Survival Guide.  CAGS promotes the training, education, professional development, thoughtful practice, and research essential to the provision of exemplary surgical care Canadians expect and deserve.

Residency Survival Guide (PDF)


For reimbursement of fees resulting from mandatory rural rotations, academic half-days, offsite callback, community rotations, or course fees, residents must complete and submit the ‘Expense Reimbursement Form’.

All requests for reimbursement must be approved and signed by your program director or program administrator.

BCIRPA-Reimbursement Form (complete this form and submit to Kevin Jones for your rural rotation travel claims)

Conference Travel Reimbursement Form

GRITS (note that you can now send GRITS Forms to attendings directly from your One45 on your phone)

Missing Receipt Form (original receipts are required for all claims. Use this generic form when you do not have original receipts to submit)

Direct Deposit

To increase the timeliness of reimbursements, Vancouver Coastal Health Accounts Payable offers — and highly encourages — the use of direct deposit. If you have not previously registered for reimbursement by direct deposit, fill out the below authorization form:

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Resident Reimbursement Policies

Policies regarding resident reimbursements can be found in the Travel and Reimbursement section of the UBC PGME Resident Policies and Procedures Manual.

Resident Management System

Go to RMS

The Resident Management System (RMS) manages academic and administration records for all UBC residents. Use the system to access letters of offer, update your contact information, review your academic records, and self-report any statutory holidays you’ve worked.


1. All residents are granted vacation according to the PAR-BC Collective Agreement Article 14 – Vacation Leave:

“Vacation entitlement for Residents shall be twenty (20) working days. It is understood by the parties that twenty (20) working days means a benefit of four (4) calendar weeks: a week is defined as seven (7) consecutive days.”


  • Only one week will be granted on a one block rotation
  • Only one week will be granted on HPB, Pediatric Surgery and ICU
  • More than one week will be granted on a two block rotation only in exceptional circumstances
  • Residents are encouraged to limit vacations to one week at VGH and SPH GS services

2. If you are required to be on call on a statutory holiday, you are entitled to a lieu day off to make up for it. Please make every effort to arrange this with the service/site that you are rotating on at the time of the statutory holiday.

3. For the academic year 2017-18:


  • July 1-9, 2017 (for major teaching sites VGH, SPH, RCH; other sites subject to Service Chief approval)
  • September 25 to October 22, 2017 (CRASH Course; limited vacation permitted) BLOCK 4
  • December 18, 2017 and January 14, 2018 BLOCK 7
    Reasonable leave is granted for each resident for either Christmas or New Year’s assuming appropriate house staff coverage, usually 5 days.

4. Residents are encouraged to take two weeks’ vacation in each half of the year.

Vacation Request Process

1. All residents must directly contact either the Service Chief, Fellow or administrative staff that they are requesting vacation on to coordinate a mutually agreeable time.

For VGH, SPH, BCCH teaching services highlighted in “red”, please contact the administrative staff or fellow directly, (see Service Chief link below). For all other requests, please contact the Service Chiefs.

2. Once the vacation time is approved, please forward the approval email to Kevin Jones ( for recording.

3. Once the confirmation email is received, the vacation will be noted on one45.

Service Chiefs & Admin Contacts 2017-18

Conference Travel Policy

Reimbursement Form

There is funding available to support your attendance at conferences if presenting. The General Surgery Residency Program will support the following listed below:

  • CHIEF residents will be funded to attend one review course or conference if presenting up to $1500.00 MAXIMUM ONE COURSE OR MEETING
  • All other residents may receive funding to attend one conference if you are presenting; up to $1000.00 MAXIMUM ONE MEETING PER YEAR
  • Residents may receive funding of airfare only to attend any SAGES courses one course per resident per year; up to $750

The following conditions apply (consistent with UBC Post-Graduate Medical Education Travel Guidelines):

  1. The request for reimbursement MUST BE APPROVED by the Program. Please forward your conference acceptance email to in advance.
  2. The request to for time off to present at a conference MUST BE APPROVED by the Service that you are rotating on.
  3. You must keep original receipts for all expenses claimed. For airline tickets you must retain the original itinerary (including the cost of the ticket) and the boarding passes.
  4. Airline tickets must be booked at least fourteen days in advance at the lowest rate.
  5. Residents receiving financial support from UBC are required to provide a copy of the conference program indicating your name and presentation.
  6. Hotel costs do not include telephone; long-distance; movie; mini-bar or pet charges. When possible, Residents are encouraged to share accommodations or pay 50% of the hotel cost.
  7. Conference Travel Reimbursement form must be completed and signed with original receipts attached.

If you fail to meet the above criteria you may not qualify for reimbursement.

RMS, Resident Management System

Prescription Privileges

Resident Registration

Resident Wellness

Transition into Practice

Residents as Teachers


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Exams, Courses and Certification

Royal College Exams

ABS General Surgery Qualifying Exam

FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery)

DSTC (Definitive Surgical Trauma Care)

ABS Flexible Endoscopy

Other Resources

Collective Agreement, Resident Doctors of BC

Policies and Procedures, UBC PGME Office

UBC BMB Library (Biomedical Branch Library)

The Royal College