Prospective Residents

A Message From The Residents To The UBC General Surgery Applicants

We believe that UBC general surgery has a great mix of academic and community rotation as well as excellent opportunities for research and technical skills training. We currently have a diverse, motivated and intelligent group of residents within the program and we look forward to adding another eight strong residents to the group.

We know that you have many options to consider and choices to make and are happy that you are interested in our program. Please take a look around our website for more information on the program and contact us if you have more questions.

We look forward to meeting you.


General Surgery Residents, University of British Columbia

How would you describe our program to a new resident?

Fantastic program because the staff are good to work with and approachable. There is a breadth and variety of community opportunities, in addition to a great academic center experience. We have a program director who is sympathetic to resident concerns and who takes them seriously. Our program consists of residents who share camaraderie and goodwill.  Overall, a supportive group of residents.

Great group of people with young, hip program directors who are approachable and who will strive for change if people voice their concerns

Enough flexibility in the program so that your interests/ goals can be accommodated

The program is friendly, collegial and challenging

We have the most motivated and forward-thinking program director in the country. We have a history of cohesive, and happy residents that form the heart of the program. Our connection to the community gives us the strong surgical training while the academic centre makes sure we don’t lack the fundamentals

The program structure and faculty teaches you to be an excellent all-round physician as well as surgeon. At times the workload and stress can seem overwhelming but the support of fellow residents and staff has always kept me going. Our program director is sincerely dedicated to improving our training in anyway possible and has already made substantial improvements to our half day and helped along with other surgical staff to implement a formal program of surgical technical skills training.

What do you like best about living in Vancouver?

Best city in Canada.  If you are motivated, you can hike, explore the mountains, sail and eat a lot of good food.

The mild weather.

It is a very young city with lots of things to do.

The natural beauty, the plethora of sushi restaurants and it is a safe and walkable city

The temperate has everything for the sports enthusiast.

There are lots of amazing restaurants.

The city is an integration of cosmopolitan amenities/ luxuries/ social events and outdoor pursuits. I love how the cuisine is so diverse and there is something for peoples of different backgrounds. And the mountains!!

If I forget my toque in Vancouver, I will never get frostbite. There is great proximity to the mountains and the ocean. Whistler and Tofino… Fresh fruit and vegetables in the markets. Very good, very cheap sushi. More stuff to do outdoors year round than anywhere else in Canada.

Vancouver is generally a safe city where you can walk around. It is actually not a very big area and you can easily access where you want to go. It is consistently voted one of the top places in the world to live because it combines the amenities of a larger city with easy access to the outdoors the views of the Sunrises from the VGH tower are almost worth being up at 5 am.