CIP Award Recipients

Dr. Tiffany Chan

Chan, TiffanyDr. Tiffany Chan has won a prestigious UBC Clinical Investigator Program Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year. With supervisor Dr. Andrzej Buczkowski and the mentorship of Drs. Morad Hameed and David Sweet, her research will focus on characterizing surgical management pathways and pysiologic predictors of mortality in the care of critically ill patients with abdominal sepsis. Congratulations Tiffany. This is an amazing achievement.  [Posted: June 1, 2014]


Dr. Eiman Zargaran

Dr. Eiman Zargaran (General Surgery, R2), has been accepted into the UBC Clinical Investigator Program to pursue a research program on injury surveillance in low resource settings. His work includes development of the electronic Trauma Health Record (eTHR), an iPAD App for trauma surveillance and care in low resource settings that has already attracted international awards and which may also be implemented here at home. His supervisors are Dr. Morad Hameed (General Surgery) Dr. Robert Taylor (Branch for International Surgery) and Dr. Bori Sobolev (UBC School of Population Health). Eiman is the 4th General Surgery resident to be accepted into the CIP program in 4 years.  [Posted: April 2, 2014]